Training is also offered for graduates, lecturers, churches as well.
Our other constituency other than students are those who come alongside us to more effectively reach the students in campus. These are the training offered as and when deemed necessary and suitable:

Legacy Seekers

Does your CF need evangelism training? How can your friends meet Jesus in Evangelistic Bible Studies. Legacy Seekers is your opportunity to learn how to lead Evangelistic Bible Studies Studies seekers.

Creative Bible Studies

Studying the Bible inductively and creatively is a needed asset to reach a very different generation students today. With a high rate of Bible illiteracy, and short attention spans, creative ideas yet inductively studying the Bible is very crucial in equipping them to stand on their own two feet.

Legacy Live

How can you reach your friends in a way that touches and “Scratches where it itches?” Teach you how to tailor-make your own personal style evangelism and leave a legacy behind? Be equipped to step out as missionaries on campus, touching lives for Christ.

Something Fishy

Through hand on creative fishing experience, teaching students to identify with their seeker friends. Challenging them to become missionary in their campus, and leaving some practical tips on friendship evangelism in their heart.