Morning Conversation: Integrating Faith and Work

16th September 2017

Morning Conversation (South)

This morning in Melaka, we are having conversations with Mr LT Jeyachandran, Vice President of Union of Evangelical Students of India, about integrating faith and work.

Southern 10th Anniversary

14th May 2016

The southern office started in 2006 with the dream and of being nearer to the students, but the ministry with students in the south begin as early as the year 1996. We were reminded of how God moved the ministry and how legacies was sowed over the years during the 10th anniversary. Indeed it was a time of thanksgiving and a celebration of who God have been to the students, graduates and staffs.


JAM Melaka

17 Mar, 2012


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JAM Batu Pahat

5 May, 2012

Gereja Grace, Batu Bahat



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Conversation 30th August 2011 @ JB


Conversations in JB with 17 students, 1 advisor and 5 staffworkers spent a day interacting and having free flow discussions regarding practical issues of campus life. Conversations dealt with subjects such as time and money management, relationship with God and relationships between guys and girls. The highlights of the day were the small group conversations between staffworkers and students. Many shared honestly and deeply. Issues addressed and friendships forged. Thanks be to God!

Geng Cetus 22-23 January 2011 @ Gateway BM Church


Here’s what a student has to say about Geng Cetus:

For me before going to any leadership trainings, conferences or workshops, I always expect God to do something through my life and in my life during the sessions. Firstly the session about heritage of CF session was really an eye opener for me, seeing how the CF first started in different campuses and all the people involved. I believe it was God’s hands and timing for this hour, it’s amazing. During Geng Cetus I really begin to grasp a much deeper understanding about leadership. The key for me was learning not to label and learning to grow another person. Being human we often label people based on their acts or conduct. I believe we need to see that we are broken people made whole again by the love and grace of God. Leadership is by example. There are so many areas in university that we Christian students can be an agent of transformation; not cheating in exams, helping people in need, standing up against injustice, and most importantly loving our friends, staff, janitors, security guards; the people that make our university a better place to study and the people that we walk past every day. Let us be the light in the midst of all darkness.

Ops Gegar: Pulihkan Jiwa, Cetuskan Revolusi! 20 March 2010


The call has gone out! 79 students in the southern region (from Seremban to Johor Bahru) came all the way to Melaka for Ops Gegar on 20 March.


6 Prophetic Calls were shared and students who came were challenged to allow their lives to be shaken (digegarkan). All were called to have the courage to be investigated, All were called to have the courage to be consecrated, All were called to have the courage to be the Prophetic man!

We too are grateful to graduates and churches whom have rendered various kinds of help for those who attended the event. Praise and Thanks be to God!