Camp Cameron 2019

 (12th – 31st August 2019)

About 100 people came together for 20 days 19 nights, experiencing communal life of eating, playing, sleeping and sharing in their respective “families”. The weather may be cold but at least our hearts were warm. It was such a blessing as students, graduate helper and staff whom took this time to stop and reflect at this “bus stop” to learn the different aspects of “Give me life in Thy ways”.



Borneo Tertiary Students Camp 2018

(19 – 24th November)


Staff from East and West Malaysia organised this 6 days and 5 nights camp for students in Sarawak campuses together with the help of graduates. We went through the Book of Daniel (chp 1-6), talked about issues unique to Borneo students, realisation on the state of our nation and CF and made friends from unexpected places. A experience indeed for ALL of us.


Social Work Exposure & Embracement Program (SWEEP) 2018

Penang, 31 July – 11 August


“For YOU who want to leave a LEGACY in your community”

A two weeks program that includes attachments with centres, understanding the basis for social work as well as hearing from those in the field firsthand.

The aim?

  1. To provide opportunities and avenue for students and staff to learn the various aspects of social work.
  2. To grow a burden for this area.

This year, S.W.E.E.P. began with the song:

“Heal my heart and make it clean

Open up my eyes to the things unseen

Show me how to love

Like You have loved me

Break my heart for what breaks Yours

Everything I am

For Your kingdom’s cause

As I walk from earth into eternity”

[Hosanna by Hillsong UNITED]

We all knew how broken this world is. We were encouraged to ask questions, observe our surroundings through all our senses and involve ourselves at the opportunities provided.

Our broken world needs more Bible-believing-living-it-out disciples. As an individual, we cannot meet ALL the needs. But, we can be an opportunist to the open doors at our doorsteps taking steps of courage to be the extension of God’s love.

To continually pray and ask God, “Father God, what are you doing in this person’s life? How can I be a vessel in Your service?” With increasing needs in our land, we need to focus on our Great God. May His compassionate heart compels us to be likewise to many that we cross path with.

Some came with hearts expected, while some came clueless. Yet, God graciously met us where we are. He became our Redeemer of HOPE. Our hearts were encourage to take the RISK to LIVE entirely for HIM. We can only walk this life by the blood of Jesus Christ and by His grace alone.


Camp Cameron 2018, the 42nd edition!

 (25th June – 14th July)

121 campers including 3 toddlers came together for 20 days 19 nights. The weather seemed be to cooler this year yet hearts were warmed as we got to know each other in the respective “families” that we were sorted into where we ate, slept (gender separation of course), played and shared together. The theme “Give me life in Thy ways” is of course the focus once more as we look at the micro and macro picture of what God doing in our midst. Students and staff were blessed as we took time to stop and reflect at this “bus stop”. Don’t take our word for it, check out the video made by one of the campers.

STOMP Timor Leste

6 – 15 November 2017


Every step we take is a prayer…

Six Malaysians ventured into the land of Timor Leste. They discovered gems in their conversations with the people and the interactions with different ones. God’s presence was evident in their time there. Truly, each came home with echoes in their hearts of being stretched by our Abba Father.


Inter Varsity Student Training Retreat (启航)

Lutheran Highlands Lakeview

25 – 29 August 2017



This is a camp specially for our Chinese speaking students we served. 45 students, graduates and staff had gathered together digging into Daniel 1-6. Students’ perspectives were challenged when they sat through the Encountering God and Meeting Self session. Evangelism workshops were also prepared for the students. They voiced out their fears and also were empowered to go home to share in their community. More than that, friendships were formed among the students.

These are the reflection of our students:

  1. 启航 2017, Clare Hong
  2. 启航2017, Hii Yuk Choon


National Conference 2017

The Rave YMCA, Sibu

26 June – 1 July 2017


NC 2017

In the age of globalization and increasing self-centredness, are we caught up with our own plans instead of God’s? Have we exchanged things of eternal value for the temporal? Are we BUSY building our own empires instead of God’s Kingdom? 

“For God’s honour and glory”

A dream that was birthed one and half years ago became a reality. 407 students, graduates and staff were challenged as Christians in Malaysia to recapture God’s glory for our nation. Different cultures and languages were embraced through the intermingling of people from various backgrounds. From the exposition on the book of Haggai, night plenaries and various activities, participants caught a glimpse of magnitude of the task before us and were sent back to various parts of the country with the mandate of “KemuliaanMu, Penglibatanku.”

Follow us on our FES National Conference 2017 for all the photos and videos of the conference.

For a short snippet of NC, read them here on FES NADI: Sept2017web


Camp Cameron 2016

Methodist Centennial Chefoo Centre, Cameron Highlands

18 July – 6 August 2016

Group Photo_127


102 students, 18 staff, 3 international staff with 3 graduate helpers.

1 Camp Cameron with 7 families!

Three weeks of spending a part of their lives together,

Putting up with each other’s musings and characters.

Learning to acknowledge our Awesome God in their lives. Embracing the past and present.

Finding HOPE for the future.

Being sent to be the salt and light.

This is their bus stop where God came and met each of them where they are. This is a milestone in their journey of faith where they wrestled with God.

Finding the meaning of the verse,  “…Give me life in Thy ways.” (Psalm 119:37)

This is a link to one of the student’s testimony:






Dear FES Family,

We are thankful to God for our FES Family Day and Commissioning on 17 January 2016 (Sunday). We started with high tea and proceeded for the Commisioning Service in PJ Gospel Hall.

We remembered and celebrate

Our God, Our Ebenezer, The Lord of ALL SEASONS

who journeyed with us thus far.

The staff team stands together to embrace this new season of Leadership and also the exciting pioneering work of Timor Leste.

Thank you for being part of this significant milestone in FES. Your support, prayers and friendships are valuable to us as we move into this New Season.


S.W.E.E.P. 2015

Kuching, Sarawak 19 June – 03 July 2015

17 students (from 12 campuses all around Malaysia) with 6 staff and 2 graduate helpers came together to embark on a new experience – discovering what social work is all about. This is an historic, first ever Social Work Exposure and Embracement Program (SWEEP) to be held in Sarawak. God gave us the opportunity listen and to learn from those who gave their lives in the ministry to those in need. We were given a taste of the joy and challenges of the work. We were blessed even as we hoped our presence had been a blessings to all we encountered during this short stint together.

“SWEEP was an eye-opener for me. Through SWEEP, God has showed me that preaching is not the only way to reach out to the people around us. Sometimes it just take our willingness and an act of kindness to show them that Jesus is alive and He cares.” – Julia Kimura, graduate helper

“After journeying through SWEEP, I understood that Social Work or the needs of people around us are great OPPORTUNITIES, given by God to me to be part of the great work God is already doing in their lives. Indeed a privilege.” – Philip Jude, USM KK

“SWEEP was an experience I’ll treasure because it has opened up my eyes to the needs of the unseen side of this society that God cares about.” – Ruby Tan, UCSI Medic (Terengganu)


S.T.O.M.P. Timor Leste 2015

Timor Leste Medical Team July 15_2

Student Together On Mission Partnership (S.T.O.M.P.) and Medical Mission Timor Leste was a meaningful 2-weeks cross cultural encounter with a small number of 8 people in the team. This time mission trip is special, as the team consist of a mixture of staff, students, and medical personnel coming together for the first time from various expertise and backgrounds.

It was a humbling learning experience as the team conducted a 2 days mobile clinic to serve the people there. For many, it was a first time experience and being stretched out of their comfort zone was some lessons learnt. Taking care of the children while their parents are at the clinic was also a fulfilling time of ministry!

The team also had the opportunity to share to the youths about the message of being an agent of reconciliation and transformation for their nation. Hearing the youths’ stories and responses, gave hope of a generation that will preserve on for a better future in their nation.

It was a first time exposure for many who stepped into Timor Leste and though we saw much brokenness through the different encounters and sharing, the team also saw how God had been working through different individuals in this nation. For some, Timor Leste is also called as the Land of Esperanza which means hope, and truly HOPE is seen through the brokenness as our LORD intervenes.


Timor Leste Visit March 2015 

Capacity-Building Sessions with Our Partners in Timor LesteTL1

Our recent trip to Timor Leste has been a fruitful and needed trip for the team. It was an orientation trip for Chris Herbert & Thurston before they are sent there long term in September. This is their second trip there and in this trip, they discovered much serendipity.

The names that they have given for this trip;

Chris Herbert: “Perjalanan Permulaan: menemukan, menghubung dan memperbaharui impian serta harapan”

Thurston: “to Listen, to Dream & to Hope”. His name for God for this trip, “The God that Goes before us, Walks with us and Follows behind us.”

There was also capacity-building sessions with both Youth Vision Centre (YVC) and Nazarene Community Church (NCC). At YVC, the sessions were very timely! At NCC, the capacity-building sessions were supposed to be mainly for the leaders of the church but at every session, many of the other church members came in to join the sessions too. The team had to make some changes and adjustments but everything turned out well and many were blessed with the sessions. Praise God for that! 

  “Learning to see from Eagles’ Eyes”: Growing as a foundation @ Youth Vision Centre, Dili

11043440_10203883049185516_5162383856623624898_o  11074605_10203883050465548_96739763206679508_o

Learning together @ Cocoon













Ripples for Chalkies Getaway

10155370_10152927083978509_3880470515749261768_nIt was a true getaway time for teachers-to-be at this school holidays. 88 students, 6 staff and some lecturers descended on Christian Convention Centre in Penang from 16th – 19thMarch 2015. More than just having a great time getting to know each image1other, they had a real encounter with Elijah the Prophet and the God of Elijah.

These are some ripples from the camp…

One of the participant from the camp took the material she learnt and tailor-made it for her own youth camp. Another participant regularly goes back to her hometown and gathers children to teach them the Bible. She goes door to door to ask parents’ permission for kids to come and join them. She gets rejected often but still perseveres on.

1901445_10152918981598509_4982235269439953188_nStudents showed a readiness to allow the Word to speak into their lives. They experienced God first hand as they grappled and wrestled with the Word. Out of this experience, students offered their name of God that they encountered, in worship.10996444_10152918982173509_4308823308752643329_o

Hearing from each other about being discriminated because of ethnicity brought all one step closer to racial reconciliation. The message of Jambatan Anak Malaysia (JAM) touched many hearts as they seek to be agents of transformation and reconciliation in our nation.



image2In the words of some staff:

“After 3 years with the students, we see fruits. Students taking what they learnt and using it in different ways.”

”I witnessed a God who moves and brings transformation in students in His time and in His way. Indeed He is a faithful God who had transformed my fears to faith and calls me to be faithful to the end.”11081210_10152927083968509_314353412073588441_n

“It felt like the students were waiting for this message because of the dryness they were facing.”

“There’s a difference in the students. The students gave me hope. The Elijah story was timely for the students.”


EAST ASIA REGIONAL CONFERENCE is a triennial Christian student conference organized by International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, East Asia. EARC, as it is affectionately known, has been around since 1972 when the first ever EARC was held at Cameron Highlands, Malaysia with the theme ‘He Reigns’. In 2014, EARC returned…this time in Port Dickson, Malaysia. Over 600 students from East Asian countries gathered together in Port Dickson Methodist Centre (PDMC). From 2nd until 8th of July, it was truly a glimpse of what heaven could be like with different tongues being spoken but yet united under the banner of Christ. With the theme “Awesome God, E.P.I.C. Generation”, participants are called to discover afresh this truly Awesome God of the Bible. We reflected on what it would looked like for this current generation to embrace our calling as E.P.I.C. Generation amidst challenges of a challenging world. East Asia is one of the most fast-changing and fast growing regions economically, socially and influentially. With the changes comes a lot of other things knocking on our doors seeking our attention and our redress.

The theme of the IFES EARC 2014: ‘Awesome God, E.P.I.C. Generation’. awesome God EPIC Gen

With a focus on the Biblical person and mission of Isaiah from the book of Isaiah, plus plenary sessions, workshops, small group meetings and plenty of cross-cultural interaction, IFES EARC 2014 helped participants behold the Awesome God together as an E.P.I.C. Generation. E.P.I.C. stands for four words that will characterize a generation under the Awesome God – Engaging, Passionate, Incarnational, Christlike. May we live out this calling across Asia and the world.


Camp Cameron 2013

Methodist Centennial Chefoo Centre, Cameron Highlands

This is the home to many graduates who spent 3 weeks together – fellowshipping with each other and more importantly, a time away from the hustle and bustle of life (and studies) to be alone with God. Many lives have been transformed and changed because the God Almighty met us here!

IMG_1459  002



Social Work Exposure and Embracement Program (SWEEP)

Klang Valley

(6 – 19 June 2011)

Social Work Exposure and Embracement Program (SWEEP) 2011 was a meaningful 2-week program with a good mixture of students coming from various courses & language backgrounds. The students were exposed to a variety of communities with needs, who are not commonly noticed. It was an eye-opener for students to listen to firsthand stories from these different groups of people. Students went through for themselves too – what life really is like, being in their shoes. God challenged all of those present, in how we view others and what kind of people are out there in society. Truly it was a personal encounter of God in our lives. Not only did SWEEP leave an imprint in the people we met, but it has also changed the lives of our students!  The ripples of SWEEP are being seen in many of our campuses, in how they are living and planning out their CF programmes.


Inter-Varsity Students Training Retreat

Lutheran Lakeview, Cameron Highland

(27 – 31 May 2011)

IVSTR (Inter-Varsity Students Training Retreat) is a Mandarin-speaking camp held once every 4 years. During the July 2011 holidays, 57 students (from 16 campuses) and 14 personnel came together to form 4 chalet families. At the camp, students looked at campus issues and holistic growth.

It was a good training retreat for many leaders as they were given the space to rest and talk to many good speakers. Many of them felt their passion to serve being renewed. Students were challenged with many thoughts in camp e.g. instead of asking “who is my neighbour”, they were told to ask the question “to whom am I a neighbour?”; “What are the assumptions or values that shape our worldview and affect our faith?”; “Can we learn to show ‘grace’ to people in this consumer culture world?”; “Are you a diamond or the stone that God intended you to be?”

We also had Bible study on selected passages from the book of Acts and a series on relating to self and God. Many broken lives have started the journey towards healing and trusting that God will bring hope to their families.

Students were glad for the opportunity to make new friends from different campuses, exchange ideas about CF and see a bigger picture of the student movement in Malaysia. We pray that these students will bring back the vision and lessons from this camp and bless their own campus.


FES 5th National Conference

Bayu Beach Resort, Port Dickson (29 November – 4 December 2010)

It was a RIUT!!

450 participants consisting of students, graduates, internationals and working committee.

More than 60 campuses were represented.

Students from all over Peninsular and Sabah and Sarawak. A gathering of National Student Movement in Malaysia. Those 6 days and 5 nights were an unforgettable experience.

As the Word of God was expounded from 2 Timothy, many hearts were convicted. Issues regarding our lives, campus and nation were brought out in the open and all were challenged to respond. And by God’s grace, many a ripples had started since then. Indeed, all were called to Risk It. U-Turn… for God’s glory.”



FES 48th Anniversary Hi-Tea

Petaling Jaya Gospel Hall

17 July 2010

‘1 Dream, 1 Journey’ was the theme of this year’s celebration of FES’ 48th anniversary. A gathering of students, staff and graduates from different walks of life, to come together and remember and celebrate with us. Guests were invited to recall and remember what God had done for them during their student days, and write it down and place it on a dream wall. As the wall was being filled up, others took the opportunity to catch up and mingle with friends from both the past and present. After a good Malaysian tea, all were ushered into the church sanctuary for the celebration service. During the service, we were all reminded of God’s faithfulness to the student ministry in the past 48 years. At one point, the current FES staff were all invited to the stage to share some of their own dreams for the ministry. All who were present were also invited to shout out, who God has been for them. Overall, it was a good, and encouraging moment to come together and celebrate the 48th anniversary of FES, and also start preparing for Jubilee in 2012! God has been faithful in these many years and for many more years to come!

Students Together On Mission Partnership (STOMP)

Ulu Skrang, Sri Aman, Betong

(12 – 26 June 2010)

11 Semenanjung students and 10 Sarawak students came together with one heart to share the good news with the people in the longhouses in Ulu Skrang, Sri Aman and Betong, a small area in Sarawak. The students had to take a challenging 10-hour journey to the longhouses: 5 hours’ drive from Kuching to the Ulu Skrang’s port, 2 hours by boat and 3 and a half hour on foot. Some cried, some thought they couldn’t reach the longhouses. But with God’s grace everyone made it. Staying in the longhouses was a new experience to most of us. We helped them to build a church, went to the jungle to look for some food and went to the river to catch fish. At night, we had fellowship with them – we had dinner and a time of praise and worship together. To sum it all up, STOMP was mainly about JOURNEYING together with the people from the longhouses and the team.  It was about PARTNERSHIP as well as becoming God’s living testimony in the “unknown” ground.


Camp Cameron 2010

Lutheran LakeView

(10 – 29 May 2010)

81 students and 19 personnel came together to form 6 families for 3 weeks in the heat and coolness of the Lakeview campsite in Habu(Cameron Highlands) for Camp Cameron 2010. The 1st week, full of new experiences, went by seemingly ‘slowly’. Introduced to the Chronicles of God and His Kingdom series of talks, invited to redeem different relationships, brain churning sessions of Wordilicious Investigators (Bible Study), time to recreate self with different activities and games, students learned to appreciate ‘enforced’ siesta in the afternoons. As the days went by (by 2nd week, it was ‘whizzed by), it became clearer that God has been working behind the scenes in everyone’s life. Before camp, and now, during camp, many encountered Him directly. God spoke through the sessions, spoke through morning Lectio Divina (even through the mist of sleepiness of many), and spoke through the experience of living with the same ‘family’ for 3 weeks! As both participants and personnel bade each other farewell, it was with many wishes that each would stay and hang on to the work God has been doing. Many went home with commitments to renew and redeem difficult relationships in their lives. May lives which were touched, continue to be changed as God continues His moulding.