Wordilicious Investigators

16 September 2017


WI Pahang

50 students from SIB Pantai Timur will be studying Daniel 1-6 together with staff. Many were challenged by the lives of Daniel and his three friends as they counted the cost to follow God’s standard alone.


Wordilicious Investigators

26 March 2017

Kota Bahru


Together with 6 staff, 30 students from campuses in Kota Bharu and Kuala Terengganu came together to explore and investigate the book of Ruth. Many questions, many impressions and many discoveries as they study this book together.

Evangelistic Bible Study Training

16th APRIL 2016

75 students from different campuses came together for Evangelistic Bible Study (EBS) Training. Students learnt how to study God’s Word inductively and how to help their friends discover the Word for themselves in EBS. This training opened students’ eyes and hearts to love God’s Word and to be convicted to study it with their friends, living out the call to be a missionary in campus.




27 – 28th APRIL 2015

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WWW@ Central – Word. World. Wait. It was a time of listening to the Word of God. it was a time to keep our eyes and heart open to our world; it was a time to listen, to wait upon the Lord. We took turns to speak Scriptures; we listen with prayerful hearts. Psalm 1 focused our attention on the kind of person that God delights in. From Daniel 1-6, we hear of a Sovereign and powerful God over ALL nations even as the kings and rulers of the day seem to be on the seat of power. Yet, God is the One who initiates, appoints and disposes. As the the book of Luke was read, we hear of God who is among us; who showed us what it mean to love and follow God.

At the same time, it was heart-wrenching as we look around our campus, country and world. We have sinned against the Lord of heaven. it was in this spirit of repentance and seeking the forgiveness from God that we prayed over our campus, country and our world. We seek God’s guiding hand even as we are humbled by the enormity of the task entrusted to us. Pray with us.


Care Group Leaders Training

On the 13th of September 2014 in UCSI, we had our Care Group Leaders (CGL) Training. There were a total of 77 student leaders from 10 campuses. We had an ice-breaker session to get students to mingle around with one another before helping them to understand what CG is all about and what is the purpose of CG. Students were introduced to different alternative models for CG and learning how to prepare and facilitate bible study before breaking for lunch. After lunch, students were called to practice what they have learn by facilitating in their respective small groups. Apart from that, we had a session on handling CG dynamics where students were given time to ask and share what are some of their struggles they face as CG leaders in their campuses. We ended the Care Group Leaders Training with a campus discussion session.  Students shared about what they have learned through the day and what they hoped to bring back to their own campus.

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JAM Ipoh

Mac 10, 2012 Canning Garden Methodist Church, Ipoh

JAM Kota Bahru Mar 3, 2012 St. Martin’s Anglican Church, Kota Bahru

JAM Kampar

April 19, 2012 1:30 – 4:30pm Canning Garden Baptist Church, (CGBC, Kampar)

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A participant at Plan 11

The Plan 11 Selesa Beach Resort, Port Dickson (31 August – 3 September 2011)

Plan 11 very much opened my eyes and heart to what God IS doing in our midst among different people groups that are hard to reach. Stories of prayers answered in the midst of suffering and persecution has encouraged me to pray and made me believe even more that my prayers do affect a believer elsewhere. It also made me realise how much we have taken our liberty here for worship for granted. It has also made me think whether we have the next generation who are willing to pay the price and ready to be deployed to the interior or abroad. And for the rest to see that we are already in our mission field!

– Eu Pui –

Ops Gegar: Pastikan Anda Sedia 26 February 2010

It was indeed a gegar-ing experience! Despite the heat and humidity of KL at that time, 225 students tuned in to hear the urgent concerns for their generation.

In the morning, they examined their lives in the areas of their spirituality, the Word’s authority and Christ’s Lordship. When afternoon came, they were challenged to be missionaries in their campuses, to face up with their prejudices towards the ‘majority neighbours’ and to stop being indifferent to the social issues in our nation. By evening, these 6 specific concerns (or Prophetic Calls) fused into one – with the charge for all students, graduate helpers and staff alike to each be that one man with 6 ‘flavors’.

In the end, all were gegar-ed and hit hard, with many who repented and crowned Jesus as Lord again. The calls have gone out with the hope that we will all be SEDIA to live it out.


Ops Gegar: KerinduanKu, Penglibatanmu 7 March 2009

Ops Gegar Season 2! This time about 200 students’ eyes and ears were opened through firsthand accounts from our invited speakers.

Students were shaken from their apathy, called to examine own prejudices and how we can take first steps to be involved in society and reach out.